Joshua Ogle

Digital Product Designer, Developer

I help make the internet better for humans

A little bit about me

I make things

For over ten years, I've been helping companies of all sizes to establish their brand and improve their connection to their users. I live in Denver, where I work at thoughtbot, helping companies of all sizes realize their ideal product. Before that, I was a co-founder and Creative Director at a consultancy in OKC called Brightbit.

I have a passion for visual communication, problem-solving, usability, and storytelling. Designing with code and working side-by-side with developers helps to create a better product, and I like to encourage designers to get into code and vice versa. I also help maintain and develop the Bourbon Suite of design tools to help designers and front-end developers write better CSS.

I've worked with some nice folks who had nice things to say

Joshua has the uncanny ability to execute and ship successful design. I am consistently amazed at his breadth and depth of design knowledge. He's also one of the rare designers with the skills and ability to cross over to development while still remaining an expert in design. Kyle Fielder, Chief Design Officer at thoughtbot

User Experience & Interface Design

It's a love story, really

Great experience design is what makes a user fall in love with your product. It's not enough to make something pretty, and you can't just make it functional either. A great experience is making the user feel at home, showing them a better way to get things done. A great design isn't even about your product. It's about them.

Investment App

Design & Front-End Development

This secret app launches soon, but I wanted to go ahead and show it off. We helped one of the largest private securities firms make the process of buying and selling shares easy.

Case Study

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Summit Guide

Hybrid Mobile App Development

I worked together with other thoughtbot Denver designers to design and build a mobile app to help our friends get around town for our annual company summit. I was the sole developer, and using Ionic made it possible to build quickly and work on everyone's devices.

Case Study

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Ember Guides

Design & Front-end Development

thoughtbot volunteered some time to help work on a redesign of the Ember.js Guides. Ember is my favorite Javascript framework, mainly because of its amazing community, so I was happy to help out with their guides. It's a fairly simple Middleman set up, but I'm proud that we produced one of the best looking guides of any open-source project.

Visit Ember Guides

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Branding, Product Design & Development

This OKC based team is bringing a modern startup approach to fleet and asset tracking. I helped them design their entire product and identity and did a fair bit of Ruby and Google Maps Javascript too.

Case Study

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Design & Prototyping

This is a little something we experimented on at thoughtbot for Out of Office (OOO) notifications. We came up with a way to automate the hassle of telling your team you would be gone and made it much simpler. We ended up integrating many of these ideas and designs into our larger internal planning app, but I still love the way the original idea looked.

Case Study

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Design & User Experience

The world of online learning is exploding, and Schoolkeep is leading the way by offering custom-branded school sites. While at thoughtbot, I got the chance to help them build their product to MVP and help onboard their first few hires. My history designing CMS sites and admin sections came in handy to create a great experience for both teachers and students.

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Identity Design

How your product says hello

I don't consider myself a brand designer, but from time to time a project needs an identity and I get to flex my illustration muscles. What I love about branding is it lets you establish the voice of a product in the most fundamental way that you can. The entire user experience benefits from having a brand and image that work well together, and a brand that keeps real usage and interaction in mind will be that much more effective.

Paying it forward

Speaking, writing, etc

I want the next generation of designers and developers to have an easier time learning than we did when I was getting started. That's why I spend time speaking (most recently at Thunder Plains and Refresh Denver), and running workshops to teach people about the Product Design Sprint. I have been working on a book on Design for the Web while working at thoughtbot, and I've been recording videos for a large online learning platform. I look forward to helping others learn however I can.