Joshua Ogle

Joshua Ogle

Hi, I'm a Product Designer working at HashiCorp,
making the internet a better place to live

A small but mighty studio

BrightbitBrightbitCo-Founder & Design Lead

I co-founded a consultancy in Oklahoma City and led design for a team of seven. We worked with local startups to build Ruby on Rails, Javascript and hybrid mobile apps.

Taking companies from zero to launch

thoughtbotthoughtbotSr Product Designer

Known for their dedication to open-source and pride in their craft, thoughtbot does software consulting right. This is also where I found my love for mentoring other designers and developed their influential Product Design Sprint.

Cloud automation is for everyone

HashiCorpHashiCorpStaff Product Designer

HashiCorp makes developer-focused infrastructure software. I lead design for some of our most popular products and helped grow our design team from 2 designers to 30+ across seven teams.

2010 to 2014
2014 to 2016
2017 to Now

Design consulting

I have led design projects from startups to big enterprise companies. No matter the size of the project, I believe in starting small, iterating quickly, and listening to what your users are telling you.


I love mentoring new designers and helping them learn the craft, especially if it involves getting designers to be more technical or our partners to get more creative.